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DaWanda competition

November 25, 2013

My little Christmas mini mitt is living it large!  Not only was it the subject of the very first tutorial I’ve posted here, that tutorial was the very first group blog activity I’ve taken part in and now, if that weren’t enough, the Christmas mini mitts are in a competition!

The competition is being run by DaWanda EN via their facebook page, which you can find here.  It is called ‘Creative Xmas Decorations, a DIY blogger competition’ and they have posted all the entries in a photo album, so that visitors can vote for their favourite design.

If you don’t know about DaWanda already, it is a massive online marketplace for ‘Products with Love’ where designers and creative types can offer their one of a kind and limited edition products for sale.  They have been expanding steadily for some time now and their facebook page is full of really interesting and useful articles, links to discounts, patterns, tutorials and competitions.

If you haven’t already visited, please do – and especially so if you’d like to go and place your vote for my intrepid little Christmas mitt, the photo you need to ‘like’ is here! 🙂

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