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June 29, 2013

I’ve just completed my third silk shawl – I’m so in love with silk yarn!

The first shawl I made (all three have been crocheted) was with tussah silk and the other two were with mulberry silk.  It is very surprising how different the two fibres are – the tussah is more yarn like and has a slightly mohair quality, which means that mistakes are costly – pulling back a couple of rows can be painfully slow.  The mulberry silk is made by twisting together 8 very thin strands and mistakes in your work only cost you time to unpick and re-do – it unravels as if it were water.  The lustre and sheen of both is just lovely and the way the made fabric moves is almost other worldly.  Can’t believe I waited so long to work with it!

So, having fallen in love, I definitely need more silk yarn.  I already have a skein of blended silk and camel, which is stranded like the mulberry silk, and I’m looking forward to playing with that.  I’ve also ordered up a couple of other skeins of mulberrry in the most amazing colours: ‘kingfisher pushing up the daisies’ (pictured below) and ‘pestled emerald’.

Thank you DyeForYarn – you make the very best silk yarns, with the very best colour names!

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