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window on the forest part deux – sharp edges

May 7, 2013

I’m definitely a wuss when it comes to cutting fabric.  For one thing, I love the fabric so why would I want to chop it up and, for another, I am ridiculously clumsy and am not usually allowed anywhere near implements with sharp edges yet, here I am again, wielding two such implements: a rotary cutter and a big pair of fabric scissors.  They’re both sharp; really sharp…

After spending the first couple of hours of the working day hopping about the internet and avoiding said sharp implements / prevaricating about cutting up the lovely fabric, I finally went to the cutting board and got on with it.  Not too bad this time – only a couple of disasters:

  1. Mmm, didn’t buy quite enough of one fabric to do what I wanted to with it – thank you Celtic Fusion Fabrics for sending me a bonus fat quarter with my bundle – that will come in very handy
  2. Ooops!  Musn’t forget to keep rotary cutter right up next to the ruler when cutting – when I don’t do this, rotary cutter wanders off in non-straight line and ruins one of the 7 inch squares I just cut that should have yielded 4 triangles.  Back to mat and cut another square to make some replacement triangles from fabric I only just have enough of.

This quilt also calls for some ‘fussy cutting’ of fabric – something that horrifies my fabric magpie inner being – it is SO wasteful!  I had to work very hard at concentrating on the job in hand and not letting my mind run rampant over possible ideas for using up all the offcut fabric.  On the up side, the fussy cutting part of this is kind of the heart of the project design, so I really do need to get over it.

At least I can now start sewing the pieces together – bliss (note to self – do not question yourself about why you are spending hours cutting fabric up and sewing it back together).


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