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Purses, wristlets and pouches, oh my!

August 25, 2019

This week has been super busy and pretty dominated by purses, wristlets, little pouches and cat toys!  One purse I made that I haven't for a little while, is my Liberty Wild Flowers purse with the black background:

There are so many gorgeous colours in this print that I offer this one in two alternative lining colours because I can never decide which I prefer!  I have a golden yellow lining and an electric blue lining, which this customer chose:

Another purse that I've been having this same challenge with is my cutesy marshmallow bunnies purse:

This started with a cherry red lining, which I liked, but I thought I might like a pale blue with silver metallic Essex Linen lining more…

Of course I still couldn't decide, so this one is also now available with two alternative linings 🙂

There was a special commission Liberty purse as well this week, which was for a Swedish customer who is in love with the wonderfully summery Small Susanna print:

And who can blame her – so cheery!  She chose my fresh green Essex Linen lining for this supersized coin purse and it was a perfect choice – almost an exact match for the green in the print:

Another special commission was for a wristlet made with the most whimsical Windham Fabrics print designed by Betsy Olmsted for her 'Enchanted Forest' collection:

This was based on my Foxy Wristlet design but made a little taller.  I still added the large padded pocket inside but closed up the zip ending at my client's request since she carries pens in her wristlet and they could escape out of there, if she dropped it:

So glad that she asked me to make this because this print is perfect for it, although it did also send me on a hunt for some more of this fabric and the navy Hedgehogs from the same collection, which are also so loved.  Although it is sold out in most places, I did manage to find some more of both without having to buy overseas and risk the customs charges.

I've also managed a fair amount of knitting this week and have just finished a new cowl design using a new to me yarn by Katia. Katia have lots of new to me yarns that might also be finding their way into my clutches in the not too distant!  This first yarn is called Concept Cotton Merino and is a very interesting yarn with a chainette construction and a soft halo.  Although nothing like it in construction, it really does remind me of Malabrigo Merino Worsted in some ways – the same weight, soft feel and semi variegated look of the colour.  It knits up beautifully and although it absolutely didn't work for the stitch pattern I had in mind when I swatched it, I quickly tweaked that and have ended up with a soft looking, reversible and very textural cowl.  Here it is while still in progress:

I should have the photos of it completed for my next post, but all details about it are on my Ravelry project page, as usual.  I haven't reviewed the yarn yet but so far I love it and it's available in so many gorgeous colours!

As to book reading / listening, I finally finished Daughter of the Forest and started the next in the Sevenwaters series, Son of the Shadows.

I've already kind of reviewed Daughter of the Forest here with my comments about it over the last few weeks, but I will just summarise by saying that I did enjoy it, despite a little gagging and sniggering here and there.  I can't quite work out why I enjoyed it though – was it because it made me feel all nostalgic for the habits of my reading youth, or was it just a good story?  I think the answer is probably a little of both and I suspect that book 2 in the series may well be more of the same, but if I'm listening to a story and don't notice all the work I'm completing while listening, it's probably a good thing 😀

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