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Let me give you a Hug

October 31, 2015

It has taken far longer than I wanted or planned, but I have finally finished writing up the knitting pattern for this little capelet!

Really I don't know what it is about pattern writing – I enjoy writing, I love making the pieces that the pattern is for, and I get plenty of encouragement from lovely people who want to make the pieces up, but I just never seem to get my head down and do it 😮  Actually, I think it might be because I'm always so concerned about getting everything just right and when you make things, that's not always possible.  Although I have all my own patterns written down for myself to use, they're really all more recipes than actual patterns – I often tweak them or play with them to suit.  Putting it in writing feels like setting it in stone and, as written, it might not be just right for a particular person's particular project.  But there's a limit to how many tips and notes and suggestions you can add before you end up confusing the pattern.  You have to stop sometime and let it out into the world!

Anyway, it's written now and if anyone needs help or advice with it, they can email me or post a question here 😀  You can find and download the pattern for free on Ravelry here.  If you make one, I do hope you'll show me / let me know.  I've got plans to try the pattern out (or make an alternative version of it) using a more available yarn, so will share any successes with that in another version of the pattern, as and when it's done.

Happy knitting! 😀

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  • Reply greenrabbitdesigns October 31, 2015 at 6:54 pm

    Its lovely Debbie, thank you for sharing. You have my admiration on writing a pattern, I have to admit it scares me the thought of it. I of course have my own 'recipes' too but I doubt if they would mean anything to anyone else, so well done!

    V x

    • Reply crimson October 31, 2015 at 7:42 pm

      Thanks Viv! 🙂 xxx

  • Reply Anna November 3, 2015 at 10:25 pm


    I've been thinking about knitting this lovely capelet, I have been wondering what the circular needles' length should be?


    Kind thanks,


    • Reply crimson November 4, 2015 at 7:09 pm

      Hi Anna,

      Funnily enough, someone else asked the same question today and I’ve responded on the comments section on Ravelry here.  The answer is that I use interchangeable needles and use two different sized cables (i.e. excluding the actual needles) – a 22 inch (53cm) for the first section and I change to a 14 inch (35.5cm) cable when I start the decreases. I’ve also used a 14 inch cable throughout, which works fine with this kind of yarn.

      Hope that helps – happy knitting!

      best wishes,


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