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The Dark is Coming…

September 23, 2015

These days I don't usually do anything for Halloween, although I have a lot of fond memories of the season from my childhood.  I also enjoyed it in my teens and twenties as it was often a great night out.

Whilst surfing Pinterest the other week I noticed lots of Halloween pins beginning to appear in my feed and this must have got into my subconscious because when I spotted some spooky looking label fabric the next day, I decided I wanted to make something with a Halloween theme.  At first I thought I'd do a project bag but then I started remembering fun Halloween nights out and decided to make something I'd love to have had back then – a little wristlet clutch:

I used black Essex linen for the outside and of course it needed lots of hand stitched detail to make it special, like the top stitching, the hand applique and hand beading on the front and back.  I even invisibly hand stitched a super slim wristlet loop:

I even hand stitched the zipper of the inside pocket into place, which I think gave it a lovely flat and tidy finish – something that can be difficult to achieve on the machine.  The lining is made from a blood red and super soft Brussels Washer Linen:

Unzipping the pocket leads to a bit of spooky embroidery, which I based on Kate Beckinsale's vampire eyes from the Underworld movies.  This would be a great place to keep cash – anyone opening the pocket will be too scared to take anything 😀

After the fun of designing and making the clutch, I then had more fun making the shoot set up.  I do hope you recognise those 3 little spooks to the right – they can never be left out 😀

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