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Pursed, Part Deux

June 10, 2015

Purse production has been continuing apace since my last post. What a brilliant way to showcase your favourite fabrics!  More Liberty purses were made for a lovely client who picked out her favourite prints from my collection:

Then I made another using one of my favourite Kawaii prints with Little Red Riding Hood on the front and the wolf stalking her on the back, using my favourite soft Brussels Washer Linen in a deep red as a lining – mwah-a-ha! 😮

Then I discovered Liberty's Alice in Wonderland print called 'Gallymoggers Reynard' and couldn't resist making some up in three of the colourways:

Finally, I just had to use another of my all time favourite Liberty prints – Ciara – a pretty print in gorgeously vibrant colours.  My bright pink Essex Linen and perle cotton had to come out to play with this one:

As well as indulging my fabric love, I've also been learning more about how best to make these little purses.  Because of the shape of the purse and how a sewing machine is made, it is impossible to machine stitch the little part from the end of the seam at the bottom section of the purse to the beginning of the seam for the top sections that fit into the frame.  I hated the look of this and was therefore hand stitching that little gap up on both sides before stitching the frame on.  Along with how fiddly it was to machine stitch the top sections together in the first place, this was taking ages, so now I just hand stitch the whole of the top sections of the outer and lining together and it is much quicker.  Hurrah!  See, I'm not just having fun… 😉

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