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October 29, 2013

I haven’t blogged in a while…  This seems to happen at some point to everyone who doesn’t blog every day – if you don’t have the routine in place to blog regularly, you find other stuff to do!

What I have been doing blog wise is READING a lot of blogs.  I have loaded up a Feedly account with 60 plus blogs that I like, and I’ve been enjoying reading them and finding out what is going on in the making world.  I follow blogs written by makers, artists, crafters, bloggers, marketplaces like Etsy, and suppliers – there’s a wealth of ideas and knowledge out there and, more importantly, masses of inspiration.

You  might think that reading 60 plus blogs a day would take way too much time, but it actually doesn’t.  Not everyone I follow blogs every day (although most do) for one thing and, for another, it is really easy to flick through the entries on a platform like Feedly and just read the pages that you’re interested in right then.  Some days I spend 5 minutes on it and sometimes 30.

Today, I’ve been sewing up a little project that is to be the subject matter of a tutorial I will publish here next month.  This is part of a Christmas themed tutorial link up that is being arranged by Laura Howard of Bugs and Fishes by Lupin, which promises to be fun.   I do intend to be back here blogging again before that though…


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