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May 26, 2013

After making my first piece of fabric from woven ribbons the other week, I’ve definitely got into it.  I ordered up a range of ribbons from Fantastic Ribbons so that I could make some more fabric.  Although I had found the 3mm ribbon I used for the first piece fiddly, I love the look of it when it’s made up, so I went with that width again.

The one thing that I didn’t enjoy so much with the weaving the first time around was having to stand at the ironing board to pin out the ribbons, which takes quite a while.  So, my solution was to hit ebay and buy a portable ironing board – one of those you use on a table top / keep in a caravan (not that I’ve ever had a caravan, but I understand that’s what people do with them!).  It was a very worthwhile investment for £10.  This time around, I could sit on the sofa with the board on my knee and take my time comfortably, so I enjoyed it all the more!  The cover on the portable board isn’t the prettiest, but it definitely did the job.

I think I will make another ring pillow with this new piece of fabric.  The colours are silver, lilac, pale lilac and pale blue so I think I will make a silver coloured rose to go with them and this time try a more contemporary square shaped style, without the lace edging.

I strongly recommend giving ribbon weaving a go if you haven’t before.  All you really need is the board (you could also use a piece of thick cardboard I think), a small piece of iron on vilene (I used 180, which is lightweight), the ribbons and lots and lots of pins!

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