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window on the forest – done!

May 21, 2013

I finished this quilt at the end of last week and am really pleased with it.  I find that when I choose the fabrics for a quilt I love them, but that doesn’t always last when the quilt is made.  In this case, it definitely does and I already have a new stash of fabrics from this collection in a drawer in the studio to make window in the forest version 2…

Whilst I would usually use a different fabric for the binding on a quilt from that in the outer border, for this one I used the same in both because so that the overall look of the quilt could be a 9 pane window within a frame that was set in a wallpapered wall – hopefully it works!


The fabric used for the back of the quilt is really pretty and is from the same Sarah Watts ‘Timber & Leaf’ collection for Blend Fabrics.


I’ve used utility stitches to tie the quilt in a range of cotton perle thread colours: light blue, warm brown, deep orange and a pale yellow for the animal squares, which gives a subtle effect and, of course, these colours echo the colours used in the fabrics too.

Now onto the next!

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