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picnic anyone?

May 18, 2013

When Mark (husband) and I were out walking last weekend, we were talking about doing a fun photo shoot outdoors with some Tilda figures and decided that as soon as the summer finally did arrive, we would do a picnic shoot.

We’re going to need a few props of course and I thought it would be fun to have a miniature set set, so I had a look at toy sets on the net, but they didn’t look quite right.  I then started looking at lots of vintage toy tea services, many of which were nice, but a bit pricey just to use as props and then stick in a cupboard.  I do already have an old small china set that a lady gave me when I was a child, but that is too precious to use as a prop, so that was out too.

As has often happened in the past, a trip to our town’s ‘vintage’ shop (to be more accurate, it is really one of those old fashioned kind of 2nd hand shops with no patina of the modern vintage style!) provided the solution – this cute little vintage Japanese tea set.  Apparently, many toy tea sets were imported into the UK during the 20th century and I have no idea which decade this one hails from.  I haven’t found any pictures on the net of anything similar, but that’s not to say it is at all unusual.

I’d love to know which era this particular set is from but it isn’t a big deal – it is a pretty little set and will be perfect for the Tilda picnic tea party!

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